GNSI SciArt-L Listserv

SciArt-L is a friendly, helpful email discussion group where you can ask questions and share ideas about natural science illustration with approximately 450 subscribers worldwide. Topics discussed include job openings, computer hardware and software support, art material suppliers, traditional media, recent publications, network resources, workshops and much more.

Subscribers to the SciArt-L listserv will receive all e-mail messages posted to the list. Subscribers can reply to messages or send new emails.

SciArt-L was started by Polly Denham Tandon in 1996, is sponsored by the GNSI and hosted by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Information Technology Services. It has an archive of thousands of messages that you can search through even if you are unsubscribed.



To subscribe to SciArt-L, signup at
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  • Click on Submit Query.
  • This list requires confirmation. You MUST respond to the email you receive shortly after subscribing to complete your subscription. The subject header of the email will be "Command confirmation request.
  • If you don't receive an email in a couple of minutes, check your spam/junk folder.
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  • You will receive a second email with a subject header of: "You are now subscribed to the HOPEXTENSIONUPDATES list." If you don't receive an email in a couple of minutes, check your spam/junk folder.
  • You are now subscribed


To unsubscribe from SciArt-L, go to
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NOTE: You will receive an email with a subject header of "Re: unsubscribe SciArt-L" when you unsubscribe. This email does NOT require further action.
You should unsubscribe if:
  • Your e-mail address changes. Unsubscribe from your old address and then subscribe with your new email address;
  • You won't be checking your e-mail.

How to change your email address

  1. First, "unsubscribe" from the old address.
  2. Then, after you have received an email confirmation that you have "unsubscribed," proceed to "subscribe" to the new address.

Respond to or post new messages

  • To respond to a message, click your email reply button. This will send a message to everyone who is subscribed to the list;
  • To post a new message, send an e-mail to [email protected]. Your message will go out to everyone who is currently subscribed to the list.

Acknowledgment of messages you send to the Listserv

  • If you would like to have the messages you send to the list come back to you as e-mail:
    • Compose a separate message to [email protected];
    • Leave the subject area blank;
    • In the message area type: set SciArt-L mail back;
    • Turn off your signature.

Change Delivery

  • You can get LISTSERV messages in two delivery formats:
    • REGULAR - every time there is a new message posted or a reply, you get an email
    • DIGEST - you get one daily email compiling all the email exchanges of that day
  • To change your delivery type for the Listserv, send a message to [email protected];
  • Leave the subject area blank. In the message area type: SET SCIART-L option (option choices are Regular or Digest);
  • Turn off your signature. 


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For additional questions, comments, problems, or suggestions write to the GNSI SciArt-L Listserv Coordinator Lana Johnson.


  • Be kind to everyone. If you have a conflict with an individual, settle it by private email messages, on the phone, or in person;
  • Junk mail happens. Don’t respond. Notify the GNSI SciArt-L Listserv Coordinator Lana Johnson if any problems arise.
  • Do not send meaningless messages to the entire list. Examples: "I agree," "yes", "why am I getting these messages?" If you should receive one of these emails, simply delete it;
  • Do not be critical of subscribers' queries. Help those new to technology;
  • Emails sent to the list go out to around 450 people. Make sure you want the message to go out to everyone. To reply just to the author, address your email to the individual's personal email address;
  • ALL messages to this list are archived forever;
  • Sign off the list if you are no longer interested in receiving the emails.