Elected 2020-2021 Board of Directors


Kalliopi Monoyios PRESIDENT

Kalliopi MonoyiosKalliopi (Kapi) Monoyios is a visual creative dedicated to communicating the wonder of the natural world to a wide and varied audience. She has an A.B. degree in geology from Princeton University. Her illustrations have appeared inside and on the covers of top peer-review journals as well as in three New York Times best-selling popular non-fiction books, including Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin. In 2011, she co-founded Symbiartic, a blog on the intersection of science and art for Scientific American. Now, driven by the conviction that science communicators operating in all spheres are a critical part of creating a scientifically literate public, she is developing new avenues of public engagement with science via her own art and curated exhibits.

Kapi joined the GNSI in 2002. She served on the Education Fund Committee for 9 years, contributed to many annual conferences in various roles, and was the Guild’s first Social Media Coordinator. In 2018 she was honored with GNSI’s Special Projects Award for these contributions.



Deb ShawDeborah Shaw has a degree in fine art from Pomona College, The Claremont Colleges, where she also studied botany and native California flora. Her work has been displayed in juried and non-juried exhibitions around the world and is in permanent and private collections. In addition to running dbShaw Studios, she teaches botanical art, illustration, information design, and digital design and illustration.

Deb is a long-time member and has had an active hand in building the GNSI conference websites for a number of years.


Sara Taliaferro PAST PRESIDENT

Sara TaliaferroSara is a natural science illustrator, artist, and social and environmental advocate who writes and visually communicates the story of science to an ever-diversifying audience about basic biology, water conservation, and climate change. She runs her own business, Happy Beetle Studio. Sara worked for Museum of Natural History and Biodiversity Institute at the University of Kansas for over six years with Dr. James S. Ashe, a specialist on Aleocharine beetles, Family Staphilinidae, and taught Scientific Illustration through the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas.

The GNSI has been an enriching part of her career that began with drawing minuscule brown beetles. She has served as Education Director, on the Nominating Committee, and has been involved in the GNSI Oral History Project. She was the Chair of the 2002 and 2013 GNSI Annual Conferences and was one of the founding members and longtime officer of the GNSI Great Plains Chapter. She is the 2012 recipient of the GNSI Distinguished Service Award.


Robin Carlson TREASURER

Robin CarlsonRobin Lee Carlson is a natural science illustrator with a particular interest in how landscapes and ecological communities change over time. Her work is currently focused on ecosystem dynamics after disruption, especially how species and habitats respond to wildfire and changing fire regimes in the West. Robin has illustrated interpretive panels, posters, informational backdrops, species and habitat information cards, and playground equipment. Clients include the UC Natural Reserve System, the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, Caltrans, and the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership.

Robin’s educational background is in science, with a Master’s in Organismal Biology and Anatomy from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She spent sixteen years working for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, managing projects tracking and analyzing stream habitat restoration projects for salmon and steelhead.

Robin has been a member of GNSI since 2015. She chaired the 2016 annual conference in Santa Cruz, California and has been actively involved in conferences since, serving as the Conference Oversight Committee Chair in 2018/2019 and as the Finance Coordinator for the 2020 and 2021 virtual annual conferences.


Patty McGrane Harms SECRETARY

Patty McGrane HarmsPatty studied Graphic Design and Biological Pre-Medical Illustration at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She has been a member of GNSI since 1993 and is a member of the Great Plains Chapter. Patty is a fine artist and illustrator and also has a long career as a prepress expert in the flexographic food package printing industry. Patty lives in Ames, Iowa with her family.





Madison MayfieldMadison Mayfield is a scientific illustrator, freelance taxidermist, and natural history museum professional. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Conservation Biology as well as a certificate in Natural History Illustration from the University of Washington. For the past two years, she worked as a natural history preparator at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia, and currently resides in Seattle, WA where she works full-time as a freelancer. Whether it’s through illustration or taxidermy, she uses her work to communicate science to the public and is extremely passionate about encouraging the use of art in science.

Madison has been a GNSI member since 2017 and served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2019 GNSI Annual Conference in Australia.



Tricia CassadyTricia Cassady is a natural science illustrator running her own business, The Art & Nature Studio, where she teaches art and accepts freelance assignments. Tricia currently works as a full-time Conservation Agent for the Town of Middleborough, MA which allows her to protect wetland resource areas and land for open space and write grants. Tricia specializes in pen & ink and watercolor, which she learned to perfect through the Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program at The Rhode Island School of Design, graduating from the program in June 2006. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Scientific Illustration from Bridgewater State College (now University) in Massachusetts.

Tricia has been a GNSI member since 1998 and was the Auction Coordinator for the GNSI 50th Annual Conference in Washington D.C. She is the Past President and Treasurer of the GNSI-New England Chapter.



Tierney BrosiusTierney Brosius is an Associate Professor of Biology at Augustana College. She is an entomologist with special interests in insect ecology and conservation, urban ecology, and cultural entomology. Her research program currently focuses on beetle diversity in urban landscapes and how mesophication (lack of naturally occurring fire) and urbanization interact to influence forest ecosystem composition and structure at multiple trophic levels.

Tierney obtained a B.S. in Biology from Wayne State College in Nebraska and her M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. In addition to her current research program, she is actively involved in teaching multiple sections of undergraduate biology such as entomology and zoology. Tierney uses her interest in scientific illustration in the classroom to encourage her students to develop their observational skills. She is particularly interested in science communication using art and has written on the subject of the use of art in promoting topics surrounding conservation.

Tierney has been a GNSI member since 2005 and was the vice president of the GNSI-Great Plains chapter between 2006 and 2010. 



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