Journal of Natural Science Illustration Author Guidelines

Submitting Your Idea

Please send your abstract of approximately 150-200 words, along with one or two low-res images that support your topic to the Journal editors

Topics? Nearly anything related to scientific illustration, either technique, business practices, studio tips and equipment, unique experiences you may have had while working on a project, etc. We look for topics that inform or support our members, and reserve the right (obligation!) to reject topics that are well outside of that restriction. It may be better for that topic to be published on the GNSI website than in the Journal. 

Depending on the topic and the size of the article and the size of the current issue layout, your article may not be used immediately. We will advise you what we think will be the schedule. 


Once your topic is accepted, we’ll look forward to your full article. you will be assigned to an editor who will work with you to refine the wording for clarity if needed, edit for length, and look for any discrepancies or omissions. The editor will also check with you on the images you select for quality, copyright issues, suitability for the topic, etc.

Article Size

Figure approximately 350 words per page, plus 2-3 images. Our articles vary considerably in length, from one to 12 pages. Feature articles normally run 4-6 pages, smaller pieces (like book reviews) may run one page. 


We require high-res images (300 dpi at print size); if your image is large with a lower resolution, your editor will advise if it is acceptable. 

In order to fit images into a layout, we often have to resize or reposition elements of that image, which could render the built-in labels unreadable. If you have an image with labels, please send us the low-res file with labels, and the native high-res file without; we will reconstruct the labels (and accompanying arrows, lines or other text marks) to suit the layout.

Article Submission

Once your article is ready to submit, please send your editor a Word or similar document that we can copy and paste. Place your images in a folder and compress the folder. If your files are large, we can provide a URL for upload. 

Author Proofs

We may contact you from time to time during the issue layout process as needed. Once the entire layout is complete, you will receive a pdf proof of your article pages. Please look these over carefully, and alert us to any mistakes, omissions, etc.; the issue will go to press with what you approve at this stage. Please reply promptly!


As an author, you will receive a copy of the issue for your files (in addition to the regular copy if you receive the print edition). Extra copies may be available, please ask!