Journal of Natural Science Illustration / Volume 54 Number 3 Abstracts

JNSIcover2022_3Journal of Natural Science Illustration Volume 54, No. 3: Abstracts

Welcome to the third Journal edition of 2022!
To inspire you, we offer you excellent and innovative stories in this issue. The journal begins with a recap of our third online Visual SciComm Conference, an introduction to 19th century author and illustrator William Hamilton Gibson, Erin E. Hunter’s process for creating a large pollinator piece of artwork, a book review about the Cold Canyon Fires, an article about modern Medical Illustrators’ challenges, some photoshop tips for your traditional illustrations, an overview of Kathleen Garness’ grant project identifying orchids, and a Memoriam to the late illustrator Peg Estey. Thank you to all our contributors!

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 JNSI_Conf GNSI’s Third Online Conference a Success

-Kalliopi Monoyios
Kapi reviews the GNSI’s 3rd online Visual SciComm Conference, August 12-14 2022.

JNSI_GibsonWho was William Hamilton Gibson?

-Mary Ellen Carsley
A short history of Connecticut-born illustrator William Hamilton Gibson’s varied career. One of his varied accomplishments was as illustrator and author for Harper’s Magazine of many articles depicting life, flora and fauna of New England - years after being advised during a 2-week work trial period at the publication that he should not pursue art!
< Image caption: Self Portrait, reprinted courtesy of the Gunn Historical Museum

JNSI_ErinHunterCreating a Fine Art Painting: From Research to Exhibit

-Erin E. Hunter
GNSI member Erin Hunter gives an overview of her career beginnings, her influences, and the processes that led to her creation of “Look Closer”; a large acrylic painting of California’s bee pollinators that marries her scientific illustration skills with her graphic design background.
< Image caption: “Look Closer” final art, 40” x 30” acrylic on Arches watercolor paper, ©2021 Erin Hunter.

JNSI_RobinCarlsonBook Review - The Cold Canyon Fire Journals: Green Shoots and Silver Linings in the Ashes by Robin Lee Carlson

-Linda M. Feltner
Linda M. Feltner gives an overview of Robin Lee Carlson’s book. Through text and sketchbook illustrations, Robin documents the devastation from wildfires, and remarkable resilience of nature at Cold Canyon in California, USA, from a naturalist’s point of view.
< Image caption: Pages from The Cold Canyon Fire Journals: Green Shoots and Silver Linings in the Ashes. Flowers and Pollinators. ©2022 Robin Lee Carlson

JNSI_Zink_SadilekIllustrating the Unknown in Translational Research: How the Artist, the Investigator, the Engineer, and the Physician Collaborate to Create Medical Innovation

-Holly R. Zink and Suzanne Sadilek
An overview of various challenges a Medical Illustrator takes on as standards and methods of medical illustration have changed with new technology, and the dual roles needed to communicate complex concepts internally between engineers, grant investigators, and physicians, and then redirect that communication on these medical breakthroughs to the broader public audience.
< Image caption: Translational Research Cycle of Knowledge Development and Publication

JNSI_GuthUsing Photoshop to Speed up and Refine Composition and Layout

-Gail Guth
Gail presents tips for using Photoshop to help her make a traditional illustration faster, using layers and different views in the program to decide on color and composition.
< Image caption: Rough sketch, scanned sketch and final art ©2022 Gail Guth


JNSI_GarnessIntersections between orchids, science, and advocacy

-Kathleen Marie Garness
Kathleen describes her documentation of orchid species in the 4000-acre Chiwaukee-Waukegan lake plain of southeast Wisconsin, USA as a grant project, and the things she learned along the journey (including witnessing an emergency save of a threatened species’ habitat from construction during a bio-blitz!).
< Image caption: Spiranthes complex, Chiwaukee-Waukegan beach ridge plain species ©2022 Kathleen Marie Garness

JNSI_EsteyIn Memoriam Margaret L. (Peg) Estey 1937-2022

-Jane Neroni
A remembrance of this wonderful scientific illustrator and instructor’s accomplishments.
< Image caption: Spiny Anteater ©Peg Estey




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