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Pollinator Partnership is seeking an artist to render the 2019 Pollinator Poster, this year focusing on “Endangered Pollinators and Their Habitats.” To apply, please send a one-page narrative concept idea with a draft sketch to Kelly Rourke at [email protected] by Monday, November 26, 2018.

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2018 Pollinator Poster by GNSI member Lindsay WrightPurpose

Each year, P2, along with a wide range of partners (including federal agencies, non-profits, for-profits, individuals, etc.) design and distribute an educational pollinator poster. About 200,000 posters are distributed throughout the United States each year. They are one of the most popular outreach material items offered and are distributed for the cost of shipping and handling.


Each year’s poster is unique in size and content, and the posters are enjoyed and used in a wide variety of venues from classrooms, fairs, conferences, and offices, to homes and educational training.

> 2018 Pollinator Poster by GNSI member Lindsay Wright

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In 1973 Congress created the Endangered Species Act (ESA), setting an ambitious goal of reversing the alarming trend of human-caused extinctions that threaten the ecosystems we all share. Since its enactment, over 70 pollinator species and just under 1,000 plants, with others in consideration, have been placed under protection on the Endangered Species List. Canada has its own list with the Species at Risk Act, and Mexico has an endangered species list as well. Raising awareness about these essential animals and plants is critical, and collaboration must be promoted in order to make important contributions to the conservation and recovery of endangered and threatened pollinators and pollinator-dependent plants. See a list of the current species protected in the United States at https://www.fws.gov/pollinators/programs/endangered.html and https://ecos.fws.gov/ecp0/pub/listedPlants.jsp;; in Canada at https://www.registrelep-sararegistry.gc.ca/sar/index/default_e.cfm; and in Mexico at https://www.biodiversidad.gob.mx/v_ingles/species/riskMexico.html.

We envision this poster being an artistic depiction of selected endangered pollinators paired with their habitats, primarily the plant species that they depend on and often depend on them. Let this spark creativity, but do not feel limited to these visions. The most important part of creating any poster is to make it a beautiful work of art that also communicates an idea or behavior that supports pollinator health. A scientific/naturalistic style is preferred. P2 staff will work with the artist on scientific accuracy and detail.

Submittal Details

If interested in submitting a poster concept idea for consideration to render the 2018 “Endangered Pollinators and Their Habitats” poster, please submit the below information as one PDF [email protected]:

  • Contact information (name, email, physical mailing address)
  • Resume, CV, past projects, etc. max 2 pages
  • Narrative about the poster concept with method used (digital, traditional, etc.), max. 1 page, Arial, size 12, single spaced
  • Sketch of the proposed poster as digital art submitted as a pdf, .eps., or .jpg. (300 ppi at 8.5 x11)


A one-page narrative concept idea with a draft sketch is due to Kelly Rourke at [email protected] by Monday, November 26, 2018. The final illustration is due by Friday, February 8, 2019.

Poster Size

There is flexibility with the size of the poster, but past posters have ranged from 30 in x 12 in to 30 in x 32 in (including a galley at the bottom of the poster for partner logos). We suggest using a standard poster size so that the poster may easily be framed.


The Pollinator Partnership does not make any profit off of the poster and distributes them for free (not including shipping and handling). P2 works to create the poster each year to help educate the public about the importance of pollinators. The chosen artist will receive $1,000 upon completion of the artwork and agreement and signature of contracted work for the 2019 poster.


The Pollinator Partnership will own the rights to the final submitted digital artwork.

Previous Pollinator Posters

To view past pollinator posters, please visit http://pollinator.org/posters.htm.


Contact Kelly Rourke at [email protected] or 415.362.1137

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