Call for Volunteers: 2016 GNSI Annual Conference

The Santa Cruz Conference team is making wonderful progress getting this conference together on very short notice. Your help is needed. If you would like to know more contact Conference Chair Robin Carlson: [email protected]

Volunteer Positions Open

Auction - organize donations at the conference, supervise auction setup, keep records of donations and sales. A busy job, but a relatively short one!

Exhibit - Due to the time constraints this year, there will not be a formal juried GNSI Member Exhibit; we are planning an expanded Portfolio Sharing Event on Monday evening, that will include a People’s Choice vote on one matted piece per portfolio. We still need someone to coordinate publicity, help with the arrangements for the portfolio sharing setup, and manage the balloting. Exhibit Coordinator will also need to work with the Communications Coordinator to arrange area publicity.

Financial - We need a conscientious, well-organized bookkeeper for Conference Finances. You do not HAVE to attend the conference to do this, but it’s best if you do. Must know how to work a spreadsheet.

Social Events - Have some fun and plan a few big parties without spending your own money! Creative ideas are encouraged. Coordinate, organize, supervise.

Registration - Registration is done mostly online; the Registration Coordinator needs to keep track of numbers, help solve registration issues (online or by mail), answer questions, and work with finance and the Conference Chair. You would not HAVE to attend but it helps. A big job that requires a lot of conscientious organizational skills.

Merchandise - Select and order merchandise for the conference (T-shirts, mugs, your choice!); keep track of orders and make sure the items reach the conference in good time. You do not need to attend to do this job, as it’s done before the conference begins. [This is an important job but not a huge one; it’s a great way to start volunteering for conferences!].

These positions are not limited to just one person! If two or more of you want to tackle a job, that’s fine. You will not need to reinvent the wheel or do these jobs without support or information; these are all regular conference positions and there are lots of veterans who can advise you on what to do. This will be a great conference, and better with your help: the GNSI runs on Volunteer Fuel, so PLEASE help keep us moving!

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