2015 GNSI Educational Series Workshop: announcement

Sign up now for a special 3-D digital illustration workshop with instructor Chuck Carter at the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center, the University of Maine, OronoOctober 23 through 25, 2015. The workshop "Visualizing Dinosaurs: Introduction to Science Illustration in 3-D" is sponsored by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators as part of its continuing education series.

Participants will create a dinosaur scene in the 3-D program MODO®, learning how to render, add lighting, and make a series of images. The images will then be imported into Adobe®After Effects™ to explore basic animation, to create organic animation using the puppet tool, and how to use the 3D workspace to create a final animation.

Participants will also get a brief introduction to making a real-time “walk through” of the game software Unreal Engine®. This high-end game-making software allows illustrators to create storytelling content by putting their viewers into the illustration to discover and explore the virtual scene at the viewers’ own pace.

Basic level of experience with programs such as Adobe® Illustrator™ and Photoshop™, and submit examples of your artwork (traditional or digital) when you register.

- Registration (Sept 21- Oct. 12th) - $375 for GNSI members, $475 for non-members.
- Additional information on lodging and travel to Bangor, Maine can be found on the registration form.

About the Instructor: Chuck Carter, Creative Director, and founder of Eagre Games and Eagre Learning.

Carter’s extensive digital art career includes the co-creation of the video game Myst and many other video games, including the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Snoopy Vs. Red Baron, Nox, Pacman World Rally, Kyrandia. Carter worked as a digital matte painter on such TV shows as Babylon5, and he contributed work on the motion rides “Star Trek: the Experience” and Disney’s “Mission to Mars”. His illustration and animation work spans thirty years and includes such clients as the BBC, National Geographic, US Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Scientific American, NASA, California Institute of Technology, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Carter co-authored and illustrated the best-selling McGraw-Hill geology textbook, Exploring Geology.

Contacts for more information:
Erika Beade, 2015 GNSI Education Series Workshop Coordinator ([email protected])
Sara Taliaferro, GNSI Education Director ([email protected])

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