Artists Selected for Focus On Nature XIII

The New York State Museum has announced the artists selected for the Focus on Nature XIII exhibition. The GNSI has a strong showing of members! Twenty-five of the seventy-one artists chosen are GNSI members and are listed below. Congratulations!

Entries to FON XIII came from eighteen countries and the chance of having artwork selected for this biennial exhibition is about 17%. Because of the large number of entries, there is a two-step process to the jury selection. Initially the five jurors (three scientists and two artists/illustrators) review the works independently and score them, 1 (favorite) 2 (possibly) 3 (not for this exhibit). Based on these scores, each piece is then assigned another rating of 1-5. When the jury meets in person, they start looking at pieces that have the highest scores (1, then 1.2, 1.5 etc.). In the end, the jury reviews all pieces to make sure they feel it is a balanced exhibition in terms of the FON criteria (media, subject matter, educational value, etc.) The high quality of the work makes choices exceptionally difficult and many excellent pieces cannot be included.

Each FON has a guest juror selected from artists who have been chosen most frequently to exhibit in previous shows. This time the guest juror was Alan Male.


  • Mauricio Alvarez Abel
  • Lucia Antunes
  • Claudia Baeta
  • Joana Bruno
  • Kathryn Chorney
  • Fernando Correia
  • Carrie DiCostanzo
  • Emily Eng
  • Michael Felber
  • Agatha Haevermans
  • Jessica Huppi
  • Barbara Ierulli
  • Frank Ippolito
  • David Killpack
  • Kristine Kirkeby
  • Elaine Leighton
  • Pam Little
  • Trudy Nicholson
  • Mafalda Paiva
  • Dorie Petrochko
  • Xavier Pita
  • Consie Powell
  • Michael Rothman
  • Stephanie Rozzo
  • Stephen Sepe
  • Heidi Snyder
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