Kickstarter project: Plants of Life

Plants of Life by Ann DuBoisAnn's DuBois has launched a Kickstarter project as a method for bringing her next book project to fruition. Ann's goal is to fund top-quality publication of her Plants of Life book, which will feature 38 original paintings of plant life, her personal story about each one, and their historical background.

Ann's project has been selected by Kickstarter as one of their "We Love it" choices!

From Ann's prologue:
"In my quest to find other devoted plant lovers, I came across animism: the concept that all life has a spirit/soul and that there are different ways of being alive. My activities as a botanical artist helped me develop a familiarity by observing them. I have done my best to delve deeply in order to understand these beings and realize them as individuals. This activity of connecting has given me tremendous pleasure and a glorious feeling of reverence for them.

Eventually, I found myself writing about my experiences and knowledge of the subject to extend the communication I have with my botanical art audience, which has requested that I talk about my paintings. In addition, I have the hope that this book will encourage others to reestablish the reverence for these primary beings of our life. If love can be defined as a state of being united or joined, that by which a connection can be made, then plants provide that for us. If we are what we eat, then it stands to reason that we are plants and that is a profound connection that needs recognition."

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