Portable High Resolution Imaging System

The information below is a follow up of the article about the Visionary Digital BK Plus Laboratory System for photographing insect specimens, included in the Journal of Natural Science Illustration 2013 No. 1.

A Connecticut start-up, Macroscopic Solutions, has created a portable insect photography system, using high-quality off-the-shelf components. They also donate one system to schools and non-profit groups for each 10 they sell.

Information provided by Macropod: The Macropod is a packaged, automated, high-resolution imaging system that yields output images of small-to-medium sized specimens that are completely in focus, in context, and in color. The resolution achieved with the Macropod shows details that are not visible to the naked eye (as fine as 10 micrometers). View the most recent images in the image database and learn more about the product on the Macropod website. The system has a wide range of applications, including scientific research, imaging and digitizing natural history collections, and quality testing of metals.

Below is an overview of the system components. The base bundle starts at $22,000 and includes all components listed below, as well as the basic level support:

  • Canon products - EOS 6D camera body, MP-E 65mm 1-5x lens, Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L IS USM AF Lens; Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens, Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX
  • Tripod, adapter plates, lens foot plate
  • Precision Positioning and Mounting Hardware
  • StackShot Focus Stacking Rails and Controller
  • Zerene Stacker (image stacking software)
  • EOS software package (to operate the camera from your computer)
  • Travel pack with custom foam interior

Macropod offers three levels of support to make sure the user gets the best images possible. For those interested in testing out the system, they offer an imaging service as well. Send your samples to have them imaged for you, to assess the Macropod as it relates to your work.

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Macropod portable system for high resolution photography

high resolution photograph using Macropod system

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