Call for Exhibits: Creature Design Contest

Creature artist Terryl Whitlatch, well known for her work on Star Wars movies, presented a keynote and workshop at last year's GNSI meeting. She has her own production company now and she is holding a creature drawing contest that some of you might be interested in.

Creature Design Contest

Terryl says "I believe that this would be a fun and refreshing opportunity for our colleagues in Natural History and Scientific Illustration to put their scientific knowledge to the test, and come up with creatures (including plants!) that Could Be, resulting in informed creatures that we could believe in. Of course, whimsicality and any technique, media, and style are welcome."

The contest is focused on promoting the winning concept artist and creating an open stage for designers from all over the world.  Entries will be judged by myself and the Helpful Bear Team; the winner will receive an online promotion featuring samples of his or her artwork, a hardcover edition of Animals Real and Imagined, personalized and with original hand-drawn sketches by Terryl, plus a one on one Skype session with Terryl as well.  Runner-up prizes will be announced.

Update: ImagineFX magazine (which has a huge global audience) will be publishing the results in their June 2014 issue, and showing the winning work. Due to this development, the contest has been extended to January 14, 2014.

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