2013 Illustrating Nature Exhibit

The Science Illustration Graduate Certificate Program at California State University, Monterey Bay is proud to announce the 24th Annual Illustrating Nature Exhibit. This renowned show will be held for its 4th year at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The opening reception is May 3rd from 5-7 p.m. and the show will run through June 16.

This year's 2013 Science Illustration students hail from six countries and have diverse backgrounds in both the sciences and the arts. They have come together with one commonality: a love for the art of nature. Within this broad genre, you will find a variety of subjects. If you love science, nature, and art there is sure to be something you will find captivating, and the caliber of artistry is truly astounding.

Only 15 students are selected for this prestigious graduate certificate program every year ensuring an outstanding level of artistic talent and scientific know how. The major focal point is natural history and students are encouraged to explore any and all scientific subjects of their choosing for which they have an interest. From the four instructors Ann Caudle, Jenny Keller, Amadeo Bachar, and Logan Parsons, the students are taught traditional science illustration techniques, digital media, layout and design, and how to prepare oneself for the professional world at large. Many excellent and intriguing guest speakers throughout the school year provide encouragement and examples on a variety of career paths a science illustrator may choose, including: publishing in textbooks, children's books, science journals, and popular magazines; forensic reconstruction; extinct or prehistoric species reconstruction; fine art exhibiting, illustrating for scientific research; creature design for the entertainment industry; and on the business side: the laws of how to be an artist, and how to protect and conduct oneself legally and professionally.

Science illustration is all around us, and the artists of Illustrating Nature exceptionally demonstrate the alluring beauty of our natural world. The 2013 exhibiting artists are Sage Ayler, Alexander Babakitis, Helina Chin, Christina Dipaci, Eléonore Dixon-Roche, Justine Hirten, Haruko Hirukawa, Kirsten Huntley, Jessica Hsiung, Kelly Lance, Jose Miguel Mayo Hernandez, Carolina Rivera Alvarez, Cindy Scrivner, Emily Underwood, and Tanya Young.

Please join us on May 3rd from 5-7 p.m. for the opening reception of Illustrating Nature at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History along the beautiful Monterey Bay in Central Coast California.

Event Dates: May 3 - June 16, 2013
Location: Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History













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