Call For Exhibits: HIV Visualization Challenge

Former GNSI member Graham Johnson writes:

In my lab at UCSF and my former lab at Scripps, we have developed two software packages that enable easy access to molecular modeling and to large 3D models of cells with molecular details.  To kick off the open-source release of the latter project, I designed a visualization challenge.  Unfortunately, it is in its last days, but there is a brand new category using quick and simple animation tools in molecular viewers like Chimera and PMV with no competitors yet as well as a category for still images that give people with nothing better to do this weekend a chance to compete.  Would it be possible to post this announcement (or some simpler link in your own words) for the contest on the GNSI forum?  No worries if you think its too late.  I'm happy to send any images you need or you can find them on my website for the contest
Thank you,

cellPACK Visualization Challenge2012

Visit: to learn how you can use a molecular cell biology modeling and visualization software package called cellPACK to win money and prizes while helping our community better understand the structural systems biology of HIV.

At the contest websites, you can learn how to use many of the high-end tools of scientific visualization to create sophisticated renderings and animations quickly and easily.  You will further learn how to use cellPACK and molecular modeling software to construct models of cellular volumes, including whole cells in molecular detail and how to use autoPACK to assemble structures of any type together with no overlap- for example filling a blood vessel with blood cells.

Graham Johnson PhD
Medical Illustration:
Enter the autoPACK Visualization Challenge!
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