The GNSI Traveling Exhibit at The Prehistoric Museum: Price, Utah

Rock Crab by S. Landry"What is Scratchboard? How do they get so much detail? I've never heard of carbon dust, but I really like it! I would never have the patience to do this. It is just like a photograph, only better! Just keep looking, you will find more animals and different plants! How do they get that texture?"

>Image: Rock Crab by S. Landry

All of the above quotes and many more in the same vein were heard when the GNSI Traveling Exhibit, of 20 framed illustrations and an additional portfolio of approximately 50 unframed works, was unveiled to the public on January 10, 2013 for a six-week show at The Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah. The Guild show was accompanied by a museum organized sister (brother?) show of 14 framed scientific illustrations by former GNSI Corresponding Secretary and Chairman of the Scientific Illustration Area at the University of Georgia, Lloyd E. Logan, and six of his former students.

In addition to the usual museum visitors, Utah State University Eastern art professor Noel Carmack took advantage of the show to expose his advanced drawing class to another side of the world of art. They were amazed at the quality and had dozens of questions about techniques depicted in the exhibit. One of his students had taken two workshops on forensic reconstruction from our old friend Betty Pat Gatliff! What a small world!!

Hatchet Fish by M. DalenI highly recommend this show to everyone. The quality is exceptional and the price is very reasonable. The shipping crate and padding are certainly adequate. Although it weighs 115 pounds, it is easy to handle with the built-in wheels. Definitely a class operation, but I would have expected nothing less from the GNSI! Amelia Janes was a delight to work with while getting this show arranged – she even dropped it off for shipping on her way to a family Christmas Dinner!!

>Hatchet Fish by M. Dalen

Lloyd E. Logan
Director of Education and Exhibits
The Prehistoric Museum
155 E. Main Street
Price, Utah 84520

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