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GNSI is proud to announce we have arranged for Science-Art.Com (our commercial arm) to offer a newly expanded marketing program for freelancing science artists!

The program will consist of many marketing tools worth over $3200, including a custom Science Art catalog that will be published in October 2013, but we have worked hard to get the maximum value: the price is set at $1625!

Starting right now, GNSI members have the opportunity to take part in a multi-faceted marketing program that is designed to help our members get new work from the Natural Science market. This includes 2 printed books targeted at selected art buyers, and two website portfolios to go with them. If you are already a member of Science-Art.Com this package includes another year of portfolio service in the price!

For you GNSI members doing freelance, and interested in expanding your marketing, this is it! Check it out and let us know what you think.

We will be working with Serbin Communications, a leading international publishing/marketing company based in Santa Barbara, California on an exciting new member benefit program. They produce and distribute a variety of print and web marketing resources for artists, including the annual Medical Illustration Source Book, which they publish for the Association of Medical Illustrators.

The GNSI program will consist of many marketing tools, including a custom catalog that the Science-Art.Com will be publishing in October 2013.

This 2013 GNSI marketing program is open only to GNSI and Science-Art.Com members. Each participating artist will receive:

  • A two-page spread in the Science-Art Catalog -- an important print vehicle to drive traffic to the website and to your personal website (distributed October 2013 to a targeted mailing list of science illustration buyers) ($1250 value)
  • Full 100-image portfolio on for one year ($189 value)
  • One color page in the AMI's Medical Illustration Source Book - distributed September 2013 ($1625 value)
  • 50-image portfolio on the website (on-line term begins immediately and lasts through September 30, 2014)
  • 500 reprints of the Medical Illustration Source Book ad
  • Free personal website design from (Serbin Communications' web design & hosting division) ($180 value)

Total payment is just $1625. Payments may be spread out over 8 months ($203 month).

We have worked very hard to make this set of services as inexpensive as possible. Add up the value of the services listed above - we squeezed hard! We are very excited about this opportunity, as it will help send new business to our members, further brand the GNSI and Science-Art.Com deliver valuable traffic to you and the Science-Art.Com website. It is our hope that this program will become an annual event.

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