GNSI Membership Survey

I hope GNSI has taught you few things from traditional watercolor techniques to business practices to how to turn a roadkill into a clean specimen.  Now it’s time for you to tell GNSI your thoughts.

The GNSI board is always dedicated to bringing you the best services, tools, and opportunities for professional and scholarly development to promote a better understanding of the field of scientific illustration. I’m hoping you will give us some advice and share some of your background, interests, and expertise. The GNSI members generally tell us that they like the offerings from the group, but we need to make sure that we are really on target with what you want and need from GNSI.

I hope you can participate in taking the GNSI membership survey.  Since the launch, we already have nearly 100 responses, and we want to make sure we hear from as many members as possible.  The results will be analyzed and the results will be published in the summer of 2013. If there’s interest, the results will also be presented at the GNSI conference in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Your response to the membership survey will be immensely helpful. I know you are very busy juggling work, life, and finding/illustrating cool stuff. We really appreciate all feedback that we receive. 

GNSI pinsTo show appreciation, the board has designed and created an original, exclusive GNSI pin. Each member who has filled out the survey will receive one. Wear it proudly on your hat, your vest, or on your bag! We would love it if you can share photos of you wearing the pin while you are sketching, teaching or exploring.




Q: How long does this survey take to complete?

A: Please allow 20-30 minutes.

Q: I’ve taken the survey already at the 2012 Conference. Do I need to take the survey again?

A: Yes. Some questions have been updated. Plus, you didn’t get a pin at the conference right?

Q: Is this survey anonymous?

A: The survey is in 2 parts. First part is anonymous, and the second part is not. The two parts are separate entities and will be analyzed separately. You need to fill out both parts to receive your pin.

Q: In what formats are the questions?

A: Most questions are in the form of multiple choice.

Q: How will I get the pin?

A: They will be shipped to you. If you belong in a chapter, you might receive it at your next chapter meeting.

Q: Where can I share my photos?

A: You can post them on the GNSI facebook page or the listserv. More info coming soon!

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