The Flora of Virginia

The Flora of VirginiaIn 1762 in the Netherlands, Johannes Fredericus Gronovius published The Flora of Virginia, based on an herbarium of John Clayton from Gloucester, VA. Now, 250 years later, a revised hardcopy version is available, and a digital version is being developed.

The Flora Of Virginia Project Foundation is an effort by the Virginia Native Plant Society, whose mission is the conservation of wild flowers and wild places. GNSI member and freelance illustrator Nicky Staunton has been a Charter member of the Society since 1982; she furnishes line drawings for the Society's newsletter and participated in the plant inventory of the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Woodbridge VA (700+ species, using four floras of neighboring states).

This multi-million dollar FOV project, begun 2001, is ongoing as members constantly update the available data. The production date and size of the book did not allow illustration of VA's 3500 species, however, the book features 1400 illustrations on its 1500 pages.

One goal the authors achieved was to write plant descriptions that are accessible to lay people, and yet provide the necessary level of information for professional botanists, natural resource managers, students, and artists.

Further information about the project (including an order link) is available on the project's website.

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