Field Sketching Kit Show and Tell -2012 Conference Feature

Dorothia Rohner attended the 2012 conference technique showcase where she captured some photos of a new offering this year - the Field Sketching Kit Show and Tell.

Jenny Keller and her sketchbook

Dorothia writes in her blog:

"Everyone loves the technique boutique. Who wouldn’t love to walk around and see how artists work? This year, the highlight was the Field Kit Show and Tell. Tania Marien of ARTPLANTAE coordinated the event. Participating artists brought their field sketching kits to share."

To see more field kits, check out Dorothia's image gallery of participants and see what different artists bring into the field to sketch. Be prepared to be inspired with their sketchbooks!

>Jenny Keller at 2012 GNSI conference showing her field sketch supplies and sketchbook



If you have a nice field sketching setup you would like to share with the Guild, send us the following:

1. An image of your materials laid out on a white sheet or paper surface.
2. A list of what is in the image
3. An image of you in the field using your kit
4. A sample image of your work, with title and copyright information.
5. Optional short statement of what you like about your Field Kit.

Jenny Keller's sketchbook from 2012 conference

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