2012 Conference Highlights: Virtual Copic Markers

Diploblubb by Terry WhitlatchIf you have a Mac, a tablet for drawing, and want to have some fun, take a look at Sketchbook Copic Edition. The normal Sketchbook Pro is $29, but the Copic edition is free (but limited to Copic media) in the Mac App Store. If you were in Savannah, Terryl Whitlatch shared her techniques using these makers. If you are intrigued by this tool and adapting it to your needs, give it a try.

>Diploblubb by Terryl Whitlatch

For some inspiration and instruction, Terryl offers online instruction - Check out the first instruction module for free. It was great to meet her at our National meeting, and she was gracious enough to sign books during the meeting.

screencap of sketchbook copic editionTerryl has also shared her experience about her Savannah trip and the GNSI on her Muddy Colors blog. Don't forget to check out her drawing inspired by her trip to Savannah.

>Sketchbook Pro Copic Edition

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