2012 Annual Conference Highlights: Jodie Holt

Jody HoltThe 2012 Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Conference kicked off with a keynote lecture delivered by Dr. Jodie Holt. She is a professor in plant physiology specializing in invasive plants at University of California, Riverside. Jodie presented an interesting look at how people see or don't see, the importance that the plants have in the world. Outreach to the public through her research and her graduate students only gets you so far.

>Dr. Jodie Holt at 2012 GNSI Conference in Savannah, GA

In 2009, Jodie received a phone call. She expected it to be another question about invasive plants. To her surprise, the phone call came from the production team for Avatar. They were looking for a botany consultant to offer accurate botanical guidance, coach actor Sigourney Weaver on botanical processes, create scientific names for the fictional plants, and more. The initial phone call turned into several years of consulting on the movie environment. Video game and game guide featuring the flora and fauna of Pandora followed which gave her the opportunity of a lifetime to boost her mission of botanical outreach.

Jody HoltJodie is a great speaker. She guided the audience through her thinking process of providing accurate science to the movie makers and infuses botanically relevant information into mass entertainment. She was able to achieve this goal in the movie by making sure the dialog was scientifically credible, and in the game by providing field notes on the flora for gamers to collect as they play the game to win.

>Dr. Jodie Holt

Jodie also joined us for our Annual Auction. ;)

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