Remedies for Small Copyright Claims

The US copyright office is continuing it's research into Orphaned Works, with the likely outcome of more legislative attempts in the future. Currently, they are looking for input on remedies for Small Copyright Claims.

If you have had successes or failures in pursuing an infringement claim, or considered and rejected an attempt at one, the Copyright Office needs to hear how and why from you by January 17th.

You can read about it here in Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark blog. She plans to cover a similar effort in the UK in a near future blog entry. 

You can post your comments to the US Copyright Office comment submission form

This input is very valuable for keeping the Copyright office grounded in the reality of the small business copyright owner which is what many of us are, and why we have fought so hard against previous overreaching Orphaned works legislation in the past. Please share your stories.

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