Britt Griswold featured in the Big Bang Theory

One of the fruits of my collaborations in the NASA WMAP project is an Education Outreach product - the WMAP beach ball. It is a great educational tool for explaining the shape and origins of the universe. 

This fall our in-house astrophysics EPO group did an interview with me, about the creation of the ball, for their "Blueshift" Blog.

This lead to the EPO group being invited to the set of "The Big Bang Theory" TV show to get a photo of the WMAP ball they have on the shelves of the apartment belonging to the characters of Sheldon and Leonard. And creating a week or more of blogging subject matter and contests, including an interview with one of the show's creators, Bill Prady.

That lead to NASA Headquarters asking the Blueshift to do an article for the main NASA website.

This was picked up and written about on

The story was then re-posted into the blogosphere through multiple outlets, like MSNBC.

Anyway, an interesting chain of events on how the media works. Thanks to the Astrophysics Division's EPO group for pushing it for all its worth (they are Big Bang Theory fans). I am very pleased to be part of this result of getting WMAP images back into the popular media. And I am even quoted in the story!

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