You can help protect USA Artist rights

Dear GNSI members and Friends,

The same group that worked so hard to defeat the Orphaned Works bill in Congress is going on the offensive to help secure real benefits for U.S. artists. They will be presenting this month to the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO). The intent is to gain recognition in the international community as an official organization handling reproduction rights funds.

We are asking for your help to visually demonstrate the US repertoire of rights-retained art published in print in the US and abroad. 


On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, the American Society of Illustrators' Partnership (ASIP) will deliver a presentation before the world's publishing, writer and visual art collecting societies during the Annual General Meeting of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO). The attendance will number around 400-600 delegates.

Collective Licensing, Accountability and Published Artists

GNSI is one of the twelve professional illustration associations that co-founded ASIP, a collecting society formed to bring transparency and accountability to the collective licensing of American illustrators' and graphic artists' published work, implement the collecting and distributing mechanism so royalties will reach the rightsholders who've earned them, develop new collective licensing programs to help serve rapidly emerging and growing licensing markets for published works, and thereby support authors rights, the illustration profession, and our publishers.

How You Can Help

ASIP is inviting the GNSI membership to contribute 72 dpi JPEGs of published art to which you own rights, and will grant ASIP permission to show in its slide presentation at IFRRO. ASIP cannot accept work produced under work-for-hire or all-rights contracts. By virtue of submitting the sample for presentation, you guarantee with 100% certainty that you retain rights. So, if there is any doubt, leave it out.

Details for Your Submissions


* Please make the 72 dpi JPEG as close to 100% of the size of the printed sample as you can. They can be verticals, horizontals, spreads, etc.


* It can be any and all published artwork printed under an ISSN or ISBN, including journal and popular magazine covers, inside journal and magazine illustrations (spots, full page or spreads) newspapers, book covers and inside book art, museum and exhibition catalogs.

Shown in the Printed Context

* The illustration must be in its printed context. If it is a small spot you can zoom in, but show some of the text columns flowing around it, so the printed context is preserved.

Both US and non-US Publications

* It can be printed in the US, or any other country. If you have examples of the same work published in more than one country that is very helpful, too. Also, samples of work first published outside the US is also helpful.

Anything from your entire career is fair to submit

* It can be recent work, old work and anything in between. The entire body of published work created by an artist is subject to reprographic licensing perpetually and is potentially earning revenue in this commerce stream from the moment it is published, and into the future without limitation.

Make them clean

* Many tearsheets are returned as PDFs now and are clean and beautiful published samples. If you scan the printed page, please make sure it is also as clean and beautiful as possible. Straighten edges, remove type ghosts, dust, scratches, tears, etc. If it has a white background please put a hairline around it.

No limitations on quantity

* Submit one, submit some or submit many. Please submit as many examples as you can.


Please submit your JPGs to Cynthia Turner at [email protected] no later than Monday, October 16, 2010.




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