Message from the GNSI President

Suzanne WegenerOn July 14th Gail Guth handed the reins of this organization to me, and so started my term as president. At the banquet, there was a good amount of teasing to the effect of Wow! President, that’s a big job! Big shoes to fill! Why did you say yes?!

Why did I say yes? Why do anything? Why not just let someone else do it?

Serving as president is an honor. Believe me, it was the farthest thing from my mind when I was a newbie at the Iowa conference, knees knocking together as I met the artists I had been studying. Everyone was so kind and sharing and very down to earth.

Serving is a way of participating and giving back to an organization that has helped me professionally in my education and develop an artist. Participation is what keeps our group alive. It’s this exchange of information, the warmth in greeting new members, or those curious about our field, that is our strength. In GNSI members can learn new techniques, ask advice from experts in the field, and share their tips and techniques. Please plan to participate this year by writing an article for the newsletter, volunteering for the conference or helping out at your local chapter.

I want to thank those on my board for staying on and welcome new board members and committee members.  We have an exciting year planned, so don’t just let someone else do it. Participate!

I’d like to thank Gail Guth, our past president for guiding us with wisdom and good humor, and all her patience with my endless questions. Thanks to the board members who are staying on and for the new committee members coming on board.

As I mentioned through the listserv, I manage the Botanical Art and Photography program at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle IL. If you are in the area please let me know, I’d love for you to stop by.

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