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Journal of Natural Science Illustrators/ Volume 54. No. 2 Abstracts

JNSI Cover 2_2022Journal of Natural Science Illustrators Volume 54, No. 2: Abstracts

Welcome to the second Journal edition of 2022! 
To inspire you, we offer you excellent and innovative stories in this issue, ranging from affordable 2D and 3D renderers, an overview of the 2022 Visual SciComm Conference, a decal project at Cayuga Lake, selected artworks from the graduating class of CSUMB program, and watercolor paper tests by Kathryn Killackey. Thank you to all of our contributors!


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Journal Of Natural Science Illustration / Volume 54 No. 1:Abstracts

Journal Of Natural Science Illustration / Volume 54 No. 1: Abstracts

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GNSI Conference’s Role in Re-defining Scientific Illustration as a Profession

For the most part, scientific illustration is a comparatively conservative field.  Perhaps the most basic definition of scientific illustration is “images created to help facilitate communication among scientists.”  If this were the sole definition, then accuracy, clarity, and an understanding of what scientists need and want might be the only “givens” to consider.  However, almost since “true” scientific illustration emerged during the Renaissance, it is not scientists alone who were the recipients of the information that can be conveyed by drawings of scientific subject matter.  Today, audiences for scientific illustration include children, adult members of the general public and students of all ages and levels, as well as scientists (natural, physical and social).  

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