Ready your mini portfolio for the GNSI’s Visual Scicomm Conference Portfolio Share! There are two ways to participate: (1) Submit your work from July 5 - July 15, 2023 to be included in the show on our Facebook page (@GNSIart) from July 24 - August 6, and (2) join the #SciArtPortfolioWeek tweetstorm on our Twitter (@GNSIorg) from July 31 - August 6!

Wondering what to include in your submission? Anything #SciArt! We encourage you to interpret science art and visual communication as narrowly or broadly as you’d like. Share scientific illustrations, sketchbooks, comics, sculptures, and more! All visual communications of science and nature are welcome.

On Facebook:

The conference portfolio share is a time of camaraderie and an opportunity to see the variety and style that each GNSI member brings to the field. Visit our Facebook page from July 24 - August 6 to enjoy a gallery of this year's member submissions!

Interested in sharing your mini portfolio? Please use the following form to submit up to 4 images and a short bio by July 15, 2023. We will share your portfolio on the official GNSI Facebook page to our followers to enjoy later in the month. You must be a GNSI member to submit your portfolio, but you do not need a Facebook account. 

On Twitter: #SciArtPortfolioWeek

The portfolio share takes Twitter by storm! Let’s dedicate the week of July 31 - August 6 to flooding Twitter with science art. We know social media algorithms can be really hit-or-miss, especially for artists—so having a week where we unite to drum up some extra excitement and support each other helps us all!

Both GNSI members and non-members are invited to share their work and connect with the community.

There are three simple guidelines to participate in #SciArtPortfolioWeek. Every day from July 31 - August 6 we ask that you:

  1. Tweet 3 pieces of your own SciArt and use the hashtag #SciArtPortfolioWeek
  2. Retweet 3 works from other people in the hashtags #SciArtPortfolioWeek , #SciArt , or #VizSciComm
  3. Tag us at @GNSIorg and say hi!
The official GNSI Twitter account will be retweeting artists in the hashtag throughout the event. We hope to see you there!

If you have questions about either portion of the event, please contact Jenn Deutscher at [email protected].