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Virtual Conference 2020



Our first virtual conference will occur over four sessions from August 8th to 9th, 2020. Using Crowdcast (not Zoom!) we will host seven 20-30 minute lectures and one 2-hour panel discussion in Sessions 1, 3, and 4. A second platform that allows more interactivity between attendees, Remo, will facilitate our first open town hall-type meeting in Session 2 as well as our after-party networking and socializing events. 

In addition to allowing us to gather from all over the globe, we are thrilled that the online format allows us to offer the entire conference for a rate of $50 for members and $80 for non-members. If you are interested in receiving information about student scholarships and special grants for BIPOC and hardship due to COVID19, please email president_elect at gnsi dot org.

We look forward to seeing you online!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 9-10 am PDT/12-1 pm EDT, **Optional** Tech Check: This casual tech check the day before the conference will allow us to ensure you can log in smoothly and help troubleshoot if you can’t. Attendance 100% optional.


SESSION 1 -- Creativity in the Time of Covid 

9 am - 12 pm PDT/12 pm - 3 pm EDT

    • Pangolins and the Wildlife Trade in the Time of Covid-19 (Katie Schuler, Documentary Filmmaker)

    • COVID-19: Visualizing a Moving Target (Jennifer Fairman, CMI and Associate Professor at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Art As Applied to Medicine Program)

    • ***15 minute break***

    • Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus (Quinn Burrell, Artist at Game Changer Chicago)

    • Visual Public Health Communications to Reach Underserved Populations (Corey Welch, Director of the STEM Scholars Program at Iowa State University)

SESSION 2 -- Science Communicators: Where Next?

2 - 4 pm PDT/5 - 7 pm EDT, all conference attendees welcome

This highly-interactive town hall-type meeting is a chance for GNSI leadership to hear perspectives from across the spectrum in our field - come and voice trends you see, changes happening in your view, and what you need most from your professional arts organization.

Half-hour break following meeting; then mingling until 6 pm PDT/9 pm EDT



SESSION 3 -- Adaptive Practices for Visual Creatives 

9 am - 12 pm PDT/12 pm - 3 pm EDT

    • A New Posture of Freelance Environmental Educators (Tania Marien, Principal of The Freelance Condition and Lifelong Learning in Communities Project and Founder of Talaterra)

    • Moving hands-on art courses to an online format (Rachel Bayse, Executive Director of The Art Students League of Denver)

    • ***15 minute break***

    • The Bridge: An Art-Science Residency Program (Julia Buntaine Hoel, Artists and Founding Director of SciArt Initiative)

SESSION 4 -- Online Teaching and Learning

2 - 4 pm PDT/5 - 7 pm EDT

  • Building an Online Audience using Crowdcast & Teachable (Christine Elder, Science Educator and Visual Artist)

  • Using free tools like Skype to structure small, sustained teaching relationships (Gretchen Halpert, Scientific Illustrator and Founder of the Scientific Illustration Distance Program)

  • Teaching university students digital illustration via Zoom (Karen Ackoff, Illustrator and Adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech Community College)

  • Panel Discussion with Christine Elder, Gretchen Halpert, and Karen Ackoff

Online Auction Close-out and After-Party on Remo