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These training opportunities are listed by type and location. This PDF list was compiled in mosy recently in April of 2012. It is the best list to our knowledge of training opportunities around the world for science and medical art training. If you have new or correcting information please contact us.

Science Illustration Course List v8 (PDF 346KB)

note: The AMI accredited medical art program in Texas is not accepting new applications until at least 2013.

Founded in 2009, Connecticut Natural Science Illustrators offers a unique program in natural science illustration in collaboration with the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. We utilize Yale Peabody Museum’s collections, facilities and scientific resources to teach our classes in drawing and painting of natural science, botanical and zoological subjects.

Our classes are offered in a safe, educational setting, where students have access to excellent, well-lit classrooms and state of the art equipment for hands-on learning. The location of our program is at the Yale West Campus Community Education Center at 230 West Campus Drive in Orange, CT, and is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm during the academic year and through the summer.

For a current...

The Academy of Botanical Art was established to offer both a creative experience and a road map for adventure. It addresses our worldly needs and calls us to remember what is soul-satisfying. This beautiful art form can be accessible to all who are willing to open themselves to learning. An open admission policy, designed with complete flexibility, is an opportunity for both local and distance learners to take advantage of drawing, painting and other courses that will develop their artistic skills. Plus, a complete online Certification Program in Entomology that is designed not just for artists but those interested solely in the study and understanding of this subject taught by renowned Entomologist, Dr. James L. Castner.

The Academy of Botanical Art offers training through a...

We invite you to join the tradition of artists who have portrayed the beauty of plants for centuries. One of a handful of programs worldwide providing comprehensive instruction in botanical art and illustration, we offer something for everyone.

In the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate Program, you will learn the skills to render plants in remarkable scientific detail and the artistic techniques needed to create beautiful and lasting plant portraits.

The program is offered in On-site and Distance Learning versions:

  • On-site classes are usually 5 weeks long.
  • Distance learning classes are a hybrid program: We firmly believe that personal, individual instruction is needed for the successful result. For each class, the students spend 2 intense days...

In recent years an International group of artists have been experimenting, pushing boundaries and honing their skills in scratchboard, working to move beyond illustrations into the creation of fine art. It was discovered that a large portion of the general public and art community had little knowledge of this medium. When entering juried shows, often show organizers do not know what category to put scratchboard art into and some would even exclude it from shows without ever seeing the work or understanding what scratchboard is capable of in the hands of fine artists.

With almost all other mediums having their own societies representing them and helping to promote their interests, it was felt that a similar society dedicated specifically to Scratchboard Art...

Medical Artists' Education Trust

The Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain was founded in 1949 to gain recognition for the profession of the Medical Artist, and to select and train students into the profession. In 1997 this Postgraduate Programme became the Medical Artists' Education Trust, a separate Education Body with charitable status, and thus the MAET was founded.

Washington University - Seattle

Develop your artistic ability and learn techniques to render detailed illustrations of flora, fauna and other biological wonders. Try your hand at drawing subjects in their natural habitats during visits to the Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium. Learn digital illustration and online publishing skills, and get tips on marketing your artwork. Prepare to publish in nature Journals, textbooks, and medical texts, or consult for zoos and botanical societies.


Duration: 9 months
Start Date: Oct. 10, 2011
Credits: 18 CEUs
Cost: TBD, check website
Program ID: 3568
Delivery Method: Classroom
Location: UW Seattle


Filoli’s Botanical Art Certificate Program offers a unique in-depth study of botanical art through challenging, integrated and comprehensive courses. The curriculum includes the systematic study of artistic skills and concepts, basic botany and botanical art history. For detailed inforamtion and registration visit our webite at: Program descriptions, hours of credit, prerequisites, materials lists and instructor biographies are available there.

Example from 2011:

Required Classes: Botany for Artists; Color Mixing; Colored Pencil I; Drawing Plants in Perspective; Graphite; History of Botanical Art; Labeling, Matting and Framing; Pen and Ink; Portfolio: Presenting your Artwork; Textures; Watercolor I,...

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