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The techniques presented in this publication form the basis of 90% of the traditional techniques used for decades by prominent science illustrators. While some techniques, materials, and methods of creating scientific illustration have changed substantially in the ensuing years, the fundamental information for non-digital art creation remains the same or can be adapted to more modern approaches (as in the case of the article on airbrush; the techniques explained can be used almost step-by-step in Photoshop).

The one constant throughout these pages demonstrated by all good science illustrators...

Is science illustration for you? Read this twelve page booklet for a description of this profession and its requirements. Illustrated with excellent art examples.

The principle task of the scientific illustrator is to prepare accurate renderings of scientific subjects. These illustrations are designed for reproduction in professional or popular journals in the field of natural sciences, textbooks, as museum exhibits, web sites, and many other applications.

Scientific illustrations in both traditional and digital formats provide a visual explanation and aid the viewer by clarifying complex descriptive information. The function of a scientific illustration, therefore, is essentially a practical one: to inform, to explain, and to instruct — in short, to...

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The skills of the scientific illustrator must extend far beyond the ability to create an attractive drawing. In addition to mastering the standard repertoire of artists' techniques and digital drawing tools, successful scientific illustrators must understand and be proficient in a host of techniques and methods unique to their field. Sponsored by the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and written by top illustrators, scientists, and experts, The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration, Second Edition, is...

A publication devoted to in-depth articles of interest to natural science illustrators. The Journal is published quarterly. To submit articles for the journal review the requirements.

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A limited number of past issues are available for sale:

  • No. 4, 40pp. - Preparation of museum exhibit art, Ross Board & Esstee Scratchboard history, illustration in Russia.
  • No. 5, 34pp. -  Gouache Painting, Minnesota botanical art history, 3-D globe painting, specimen preservation in polyester resin.
  • No. 6, 40pp. - Creating a Mural, Human Skeleton in Expressive Art,...
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