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The latest GNSI 2014 Journal, No.3 Issue is now available for download online FREE to members! The print membership version is in the mail now.

This issue includes these great articles:

  • BREATHLESS!: A Boulder Conference Review
    — Amelia Janes reviews the Summer Conference.

  • Pages From My Boulder Sketchbook
    — Sketches of the Flatirons, the iconic mountains of Boulder, CO

  • 2014 Members’ Exhibit
    — Favorite images in each of several categories of the 2014 GNSI Annual Exhibit

  • ...

Greetings, GNSI Family and Friends!
Fall is seriously underway here in the Mitten State! For those of you who don't experience the glory of the annual leaf color show, I am truly sorry. It does help to make up for our miserable winters! But I digress...whatever weather you are experiencing, I hope you have a few mintues to check out the latest and greatest on your GNSI website!


Get on over to Glenside! The next conference will be held at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA (in suburban Philadelphia). July 5th -11th, 2014. Planning is well underway...

Greetings, GNSI friends and followers! I know many of you are still on vacation, but the news just keeps on coming. Check out YOUR GNSI website for these and other gems of news and information:



The Scientific Illustration Laboratory, Department of Biology (Debio-LIC) / University of Aveiro (Portugal) has announced an international contest for herpetological illustration. Entry is open to all, and any herpetology subject is acceptable. Read more and download the entry form and...

Welcome to Summer GNSI'ers! Below is all the news that is fit to print (for today). Please visit the GNSI website for full details.


GNSI Journal 2014 no. 2 Spring Issue is released!

  • Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful
  • Ripped From the List: Watercolor Paper
  • Pages From My Sketchbook
  • Field Ops 101: Coastal Cruising
  • Illustrating Nature: Science Illustration Program Exhibit
  • Creating a Cross-Platform Field Guide
  • Camera NeoLucida tests
  • Ad
Members can log into their account and "buy" the download from the store for free!




The latest GNSI 2014 Journal, No.2 Spring Issue is now available for download online FREE to members! The print membership version is in the mail now.

This issue includes these great articles:

  • Forms Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful
    —John Anderson, PhD examines the role of art and aesthetics in an era of quantitative ecology.

  • Ripped From the List: Watercolor Paper
    —Stephen DiCerbo revisits a list serve thread from the past year that deals with Watercolor paper medium.

  • Pages From My Sketchbook
    —Barbara Harmon...

Greetings, GNSI Family and Friends! A quick update for June... check these and more on your GNSI website:


  • The deadline for on-campus housing and merchandise reservations is midnight tonight, June 24. You CAN still sign up for the conference itself, and for the open field trips and workshops (there are a few slots open, or you can put your name on a waiting list).
  • You still have time to send Chiquita Auctiana your Auction goodies! Visit the auction page of the conference website for shipping and other information. You are also welcome...

Did you know this year’s GNSI ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Boulder, Colorado is only 6 weeks away?

If you plan to attend, and you’ve been pondering the offerings for several weeks, now is the time to register. Remember, May 30th is your LAST CHANCE to get the Early Registration Discount. Until midnight on Friday, May 30th, save $50 on the Full registration fee or $10/day on Day registrations!

This year’s Conference is full of incredible presentations, workshops and field trips. Visit to learn about the program and see the newly updated Conference Schedule. Although a few of the workshops...


Boulder, Colorado is the place to be for natural science illustrators July 13-19 this summer! Reserve your spot by May 30th to get the Early Bird rates. Refresh your skills, network with talented artists, meet new friends, take some fantastic workshops and field trips, bid on some outrageous auction items and don't forget to pick up some great gear when you register: shirts, tank tops, caps for work in the field, and mugs to hold your favorite drinks when the day is done.

There are still seats available in several field trips and workshops. Check out the Boulder-specific field trips: CU Extravaganza, Celestial Seasonings and Dushanbe tea tours, and an El Dorado...

Here in the Great Lakes area, we thought Spring was here at last; today, not so much, as it's cold and damp out there. But warm weather always rolls around eventually in some fashion, and the GNSI news continues to roll out as well; here are the current highlights from your GNSI website:

GNSI 2014 Conference Registration Is Open!
Remember, EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ends May 30! Sign up and SAVE! The Boulder Conference is coming soon, make your plans! Even if you are already registered (of course you are!!) check the conference website often for updates and...


Despite a sloppy spring snowstorm in Boulder, CO over Mother's Day, the sun is shining and gardens are showing the telltale signs of spring here in the Rockies. And you know what that means: Spring Cleaning! If the spirit moves you, and you are longing to see your horizontal surfaces again, Chiquita Auctianna would like to remind you that whatever you are not using in your studio would make a most delightful addition to the Annual Auction to be held Tuesday night of conference week (that's July 15th for you calendar-types). Proceeds of the Auction go to futher the GNSI's educational mission of enlightening and teaching the world about science Illustration.

So clean out those closets and set those donations aside for the Annual Auction! Remember, the more room...

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