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Team Members Needed for the 2012 GNSI Conference in Savannah

The proposed site for the 2012 GNSI conference is Savannah GA. We have the ocean, mashes, and a charming historical city as our setting.  Even though we have not yet enjoyed what I'm sure will be a wonderful 2011 conference, it's time to start planning for 2012.

If you would be interested in helping with any of the following areas, please let me know.  I realize that there are individuals that traditionally participate in preparing some of these activities.  Since I may not have that information, please do let me know who you are as well.  As listed for the 2011 conference, the general list of activities is:

  • Portfolio sharing/reception - meet your peers and share some stories.
  • Keynote address - exciting speakers relate whatÍs happening in our field.
  • Program sessions - frequently include topics of business, legal, technique themes.
  • Members art exhibit/reception - see the best of peersÍ work in this juried show.
  • Business meeting - hear Board reports, and participate in Guild business.
  • Banquet - experience cuisine generally in tune with local specialties.
  • Auction - bid on artwork, publications, materials (and more) to help the Guild financially.
  • Workshops - learn about electronic and traditional (and sometimes off-beat) media.
  • Field trips - go to preserves, parks, museums, zoos, arboretums, etc.

Please contact me here or send an e-mail to indicating your interest in being a part of the 2012 conference team.

Thank you!

Kristie Bruzenak